On a planet light years away, beings capable of un-imaginary feats exist. With technology eons ahead of our own, these beings not only guard their planet, but hundreds of galaxies within their astronomical confines. Azerwrath, a planet the size of Jupiter with the atmospheric and geological traits of earth, is the home of the “Galaxy Creators.” According to Azerwrathian history, they created our solar system and many others. The Azerwrathians were able to create our solar system by planting Morleathian cores in designated locations and then using an organic bomb to initiate a big bang effect eons ago.

Through the history of mankind, the Azerwrathians have enhanced human civilization by progressively and strategically aiding us in secrecy. They aided the Egyptians with the first known language on earth, the Hindu-Arabic scientist with the first successful numeral system and they also created religion for the sole purposes of relinquishing corrupt minded kings of their power. In terms of technologically, we owe the knowledge of modern science to these beings because of the “Hand Down” effect. (Handing down technology).

Homo sapiens are direct descendants of the Azerwrathians. Only through evolution were we able to reach our current state and only through further evolution will we be able to reach the Azerwrathian state; a state in which our cranial capacity continually grows, allowing us to use more percentages of our brain. Chronological prediction by the Azerwrathians suggest humans will start to collectively evolve around the year 3000 AD. We will connect telepathically and kinetically with the untapped energy that surrounds us. (Human mind power and sunlight). Until then, the Azerwrathains will stay incognito and in secrecy.

In order to protect what they created, the Azerwrathians established the Galaxy Force in 4700 Ma. (Earth years). The founder was the elected president of the Azerwrathians, L’Arisitor Manna. He along with his congress created divisions in the organization to better protect the galaxies they created. These division are Galaxy, Planet, Star, Orbit and Black Hole. Each division has a commanding officer. The current commanding officers are Ifeanyichukwu Ogamba (Galaxy) Prometheus Aznar (Planet) Zenitha Molina (Star) Oke Tel’Ano (Orbit) Ugouche’Xurr (Black hole).

Currently, the Galaxy Force has over 600 million members. These members are compiled of humans, tytainians, vercins, gorgarians, and many other beings. Each individual member is specialized in one division and with each division comes a responsibility. From solders to doctors, each member must logically protect their own lives and the lives of those around them. It’s their duty.  The Galaxy Force is well prepared to thwart any and all evil in the universe and will do so with every degree of power they can muster.  The history of the Azerwrathians can be found in the Book of Azerwrath, located in San Jose California at San Jose State University.