Gargoyle-like Creature Washes up in Ontario Lake

Gargoyle-like Creature Washes up in Ontario Lake



Gargoyles have been a part of society for many centuries. Some think gargoyles were created and found in the medieval ages, but many sources say that gargoyles inhibited Ancient Greece and Egypt. They are depicted as smooch-faced creatures with wings, fangs, and fur. They are alleged to have dark colored fur- in black, brown, dark green, and dark purple colors. They are suspected to find their way onto roofs and watch for people’s safety. Gargoyles are recognized to have very bright and advanced brains. Some gargoyles are known to be tied bad omens, but the vast majority is expected to be connected to good energy and luck. Gargoyles are traditionally known as protectors. Many indigenous people say that gargoyles ward off any evil presence. They are identified to fight evil spirits and entities that enter the real world, in order to protect the people living in the physical world. This is why some churches and religious groups use statues of gargoyles on their premises. Even though they are not the best looking creatures, they are notorious for the good charm and presence they bring to the world. Some people have even spotted, or have said to have seen gargoyles. An elderly lady, in Covina, California, said that she had encountered a gargoyle as a child. She did not know what the creature was at the time, but as society has adapted, and the internet has grown, she has seen depictions of the entity she had seen as a child. Furthermore, a gargoyle looking creature got washed up to shore in March of 2010. The creature found exhibited many of the features of a gargoyle, so it is not that hard to believe that these creatures once roamed the land. 

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