Gayness IS a Disease

“Gayness and homosexuality is confirmed to be a disease,” states the National Institute of Mental Health. In the study released by NIH on February 12, 2018, Gayness also known as Homosexuality is defined as a set of behaviors that consist of the following: irritating those around oneself, desiring attention, and making conscious choices to be “thirsty” or sexually desire other men’s genitalia. The NIH states that for diagnosis, the previously listed symptoms must be exhibited for at least one month. The CDC has stated that gayness is confirmed to be disease that is contagious (2018).

The term gayness was created from the root word “gay” from Dumb Straight Jock High Schoolian language. The researchers named their study “why are fags so faggy?” to pay homage to the name’s origin. High school is also where the subject of the research was diagnosed with gayness.

Anthony, once self-identified straight, displayed symptoms of gayness disease while he attended high school from 2008 to 2012. Due to his new disease, Anthony underwent a change in personality and psychology. Scientists call this newly changed man “Gaythony.” Friends and family shared examples of some of Gaythony’s behavioral changes. The most commonly shared story was how Gaythony tripped and physically harassed those around him. Ex-girlfriend of several years, Lahn E, shared how “he changed so much from how I knew him. He even dumped me for some muscular freak.” Lahn E was in a committed relationship with Gaythony for four years. Lahn E explained Gaythony ended their relationship after Queerbihn, who identifies as a gayboy, revealed his homosexual nature to him. Fagthony publicly acknowledged that “just to be clear I’m saying this to annoy my ex Lahn E. I just feel like indulging in sin and being as queer as possible. I have no intention of liking boobs ever again.”