Race of the Super Human Edit

The discovery of the genome by Doctor Shephard in 1987 has sparked an evolutionary race in the field of Bio-engineer amongst the world super powers. This race took a turning point in August 24, 2008 when Doctor Yang, an American Bio-engineer working at Seattle Grace Hospital, reached a breakthrough in genome modification known as genome slicing. Genome slicing has launched the American decades ahead of the other super power in the race of human genetic modification.

A large research hospital known as Grey-Solan Memorial Hospital, emphasizes in new medical treatments and technological advancement, perform the first known genome slicing on a live human being. Doctor Hunt, head of medical research team at Grey-Solan Memorial Hospital, was the Bio-engineer who successfully slice the cancerous genome cells that causes brain tumor from his patient in May 4, 2012. Two years since the operation, the patient is still alive and in optimal health. Seeing the successful results from the experimental procedure, the US Congress have approved federal funds and genetic modify six human embryos. This project is nickname as The Genesis project.

The first known genetic modification on human embryos took place on August 29, 2015 at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Four of the six embryos are designed to military specs and the other two are designed to become intellectual innovators. The doctors who perform the modification did not want to combine the two specs due to the possibility of overloading the gene with too much modification.

On March 23, 2016, the genetic modify humans are born successful. The babies show no health issues so far.  With the birth of these babies, the United States of America is in the forefront of bio-engineer innovation.