From the beginning of time and story telling there has been countless mentions of the Genie or djinns in our history. From scriptures to the Holy Quran you can find writings about these powerful beings and what they mean to mankind. Throughout mankind the stories of genies were casted away as bedtime stories to tell kids. In actuality the first genie was seen and recorded in Ethiopia in 10 AD. Cave drawings and art history from our earliest relatives showcased these mystical beings as being black, around 5’10 and fairly built.  The earliest encounter with the genie was while when the earth was young and pure. It is said that the genie is born out of glass and smoke and would be seen resting near the beaches. Genies would have a man built from the torso up but no legs instead just clouds of smoke. They don’t walk as flying is more continent for them.  The genies would often stay in Africa as that was their homeland but keep an eye out on the rest of the world to make sure everything was in order and there was peace. They are very docile by nature, keeping out of mankind’s problems and only helping when absolute destruction was to come to the human race or earth.

History and science reports that when the dinosaurs roamed the genies would supply earth with all the vegetation it needed to flourish through their magic. The magic that they would use was actually based on how the earth was doing at the time. With so much life and vegetation in the world, all the genies were at their peak strength. But if the world was hurting, then in turn so too will the genies. When the big meteorite hit earth 90 million years ago, the genies created barriers to shield Earth from exploding. While the dinosaurs did not make it, Earth was saved. Those barriers are better known today as the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.

Weakened after the loss of much energy the genies slumbered in seclusion near the beaches in East Africa. Having saved the world they entrusted the earth to what is now mankind. The last reported sighting of a genie was 10 years ago in Lalibela, Ethiopia. The genie told a high priest that the world was doing poorly as lack of vegetation, deforestation, world hunger and global warming is harming the earth. The genies can’t bring us out of this problem since their magic depends on the status of Earth and Earth is hurting. It is reported in the scripture that the genies warned if mankind does not heal Earth, then Earth will come for mankind with Earthquakes, Hurricanes and other natural disasters. Since then no reported sightings have ever been caught of genies as scientist believe that, that was their last message and warning to man