The Virgatus Bestiola, more commonly known as the gentleman bug, are a family of tiny beetles less than half an inch in length. Virgatus Bestiola stems from the Latin meaning the "striped insect". The body of the insect is usually red, yellow, and orange in color however they come in various other colors as well. The gentleman bug gets its name from its uncanny similarity to the ladybug however instead of polka dots, there is a solid black line going down the center of the body giving an appearance of a tie. 

In popular culture and media, the ladybug and gentleman bug often show up as a pair in children's books and films. Although in actuality these two insects belong to different families and therefore have not been known to interbreed. 

The Virgatus Bestiola is mostly welcomed in the agricultural setting since it feeds on most pests that would otherwise harm crops and gardens. However, when exposed to dangers or threats, the Virgatus Bestiola releases a sticky toxic coating on the surface of its wing covers as a defense mechanism. If this toxic coat touches the plant, it can erode the leaves in which it has left its residue on.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Virgatus Bestiola's body is elliptical in shape with a small black head at the end of the body. It has six short black legs and have a pair of antennae. It's distinctive tie-like pattern is vertically centered on the wing covers. Virgatus Bestiolas are commonly mistaken by the ordinary observer to be part of the Coccinellidae family (ladybug) because of the similarity in the shape and size.

Popular MediaEdit

Virgatus Bestiolas have commonly appeared on several children's literature and a few films. They mostly appear as personified characters. 

A popular animated film, Above with the Bugs, Benjie the Gentleman Bug (voiced by Bradley Cooper) was chivalrous and quite the lady's man until he met his match, Lizzie the Ladybug. 

By: Meera Suresh