A new type of mass transportation was created by two students from San Jose State University.  The students joined their engineering and science skills to create the Geo-Train. The goal of the project was to achieve a more economical and green mode of mass transportation. They built the Geo-Train from recyclable materials but the most important feature of this technological marvel is that it uses the kinetic and potential energy from the earth. By cutting a tunnel through the center of the earth, the train uses gravity to accelerate from the starting point in the surface to the center of the earth, once the train reaches the center of the earth it uses its momentum to propel it forward to the surface where it is routed to. The first test run was from America to South Africa and it only took five hours of total travel time. When comparing this to the 24 hours it takes to travel to the same destination via airplane one can see the benefits. After multiple successful runs they were able to get funding from private sponsors such as Richard Branson who is one of the biggest sponsors when it comes to innovation in mass transportation. After being founded they have built new tunnels interconnecting all the continents in the world improving mass transportation one hundred percent. Many people consider Geo-Train to be the best invention since the invention of the airplane.  San Jose State University is very proud to have its alumni make such a big impact on the world.