Geo Ortiz Is a Mexican Regional singer who has been dubbed the new "Rey Del Corrido" by his fans. Born on October 5, 1989, Geo Ortiz has been working since the age of 8 on his music career.  It took him years of knocking at doors and trying to get his talent seen.  His mother and father were always by his side encouraging and supporting him.  When he felt like giving up, he finally got a break when he joined the show Codigo Fama.  It was a singing competition for children and out of all the children that auditioned in the same state, he was the only one chosen.  Geo went on to the show but did not win.  After returning back home, Geo decided to keep working on his music career.  As he grew older, he began to write his own songs and eventually he made a live video which catapulted him to success.  "En Vivo Las Tundras" was a live CD which gained him recognition and led him to sign with DEL Records, a relatively new record company.  Most of his success was in Mexico but it was time for him to cross over to the United States.  After being signed to DEL Records, Geo Ortiz releases the album "Hoy y Mañana."  It was this record that led to his success in the United States at just 20 years old.  After the success of his first album, Geo went back to work on his follow up album "Entre Angeles y Demonios," it was at this time that he went back to Mexico and almost died.  Gun shots were fired at his vehicle and he was able to escape without injuries but his manager/cousin was not so lucky and died as a result of shots that were fired and landed on him.  After this incident, Geo Ortiz cancelled all his presentation in Mexico and 3 years have passed since he last went back.  In the meantime, he toured through out the United States were he cemented himself as the lead regional artist of Mexican music.  He attracted a younger generation who dubbed him "El Rey Del Corrido."  At only 24 years of age he has learned to manage his success and not let it change who he is.  His fans consider him to still be the same humble and kind man he was at the beginning.  A legend is in the make and it is something people can now witness .

Irma C. Huitzil-Resendiz