On January 3, 2012 space communications scientist Edward Charmin detected an anomaly in his wave communications system.  Edward Charmin graduated from Berkley University, top of his Engineering class in 1998. Charmin is currently the head of a facility located in San Diego, CA, the WCC(Wave Communication Center). Through various contributions from investors and non-profit organizations  Charmin has been given the opportunity to follow and track space wave frequencies through specialized sonar equipment in hopes of reaching extraterrestrial intelligence. On January 3, 2012 Charmin's team of scientist encountered what appeared to be a foreign object in space emitting low frequencies. On November 12, 2013 Charmin was able to establish a clear connection to the object and discovered that it was a Cold War remnant that seemed had been forgotten about. The object was a satellite that was sent out by Russian scientist  Joseph Slovash in hopes of reaching the dark side of the moon. The Russians lost control of the satellite in December 1978 and decided to terminate the program. Charmin was able to extract images from the satellite and discovered shocking news. Charmin extracted an image of what seems to be a red dot on the surface of the dark side of the moon. On January 12, 2014 Charmin's scientists were able to extract more images from the satellite and came to the conclusion that the " red dot" was an active volcano at the time the image was taken(July 26, 1985). Up until now the moon was speculated as a dead planet with a craterlike surface orbiting our earth.  This new evidence leads Charmin and various other scientific minds to believe that there is possibly geological activity occurring underneath the surface of the moon. After this discovery agencies around the world have begun to set expeditions to drill holes on the surface of the moon to confirm if there truly is geological activity under the surface of the moon or if the images were just the product of a defective satellite.

-Jose De Jesus Marquez

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