George Washington (born December 25th, 1730) was an American professional wrestler that went by the ring name The Cherry Tree. Washington discovered his natural ability to wrestle at the age of 5 when he defended his family against a clan of racist cherry trees. Washington made his debut in 1740 for the Colonial Wrestling Federation (CWF) under his ring name The General.

His first match was a win against Thomas "Common Sense" Paine. Paine was forced to retire after Washington’s finishing move, the Fall of Yorktown, broke eight of Paine’s vertebrae. Washington proceeded to win his next 13 matches consecutively. His first loss came in 1743 at the hands of Adam “The Economist” Smith who made Washington tap-out after performing his signature move, the Laissez-Farewell. Washington took a temporary hiatus after this loss to clear his mind.

Washington returned to the Colonial Wrestling Federation in 1745 under his new ring name, The Cherry Tree. Upon his return, Washington formed The Continental Congress; a triple-threat alliance with Ben “Big Bucks” Franklin, Thomas “The VP” Jefferson, and John “The Poet” Hancock. The Continental Congress went undefeated from 1745 to 1775, winning over 1,000 matches between the three wrestlers.

On July 4th, 1776, Washington faced the reigning heavyweight champion, King George III. Washington’s ultimate finishing move, the Declaration of Independence, caused King George’s atoms to deconstruct at the molecular level, winning Washington the Britannia Heavyweight Championship Belt. Washington held the belt until his retirement in 1786 when he passed it to Thomas Jefferson.