This is a 3” by 2” card that looks very similar to a business card. It has many hidden security features hidden in the card such as holograms and microprint so forging this card would not be easy to do. This card will get a person out of a ticket with ease and is used by a very special group of people. How to acquire this card is either through some sort of charitable act for the city such as volunteer work. Another way to get this card is also by purchasing it for a price after attending a course of evasive driving. The way it works is if one has helped the community or was responsible driver (ex. Calling in a drunk driver and helping the authorities to catch the driver from the call) they can be awarded this card. How to use the card is simple when the officer pulls the vehicle over the driver would hand over the card when the officer as the question “did you know why I pulled you over?” The driver would hand the card over and yes I was speeding and if there were no other infractions the officer would take the card make sure it is real and then go about his day and the driver would go and the stop would be over. However if there were other infractions such as weaving between traffic and endangering others with excessive speed such as the driver was going 100mph in a 45mph zone the card wouldn’t work as this card only gets a person out of a speeding ticket within reason. The price of these cards would usually be more than a speeding ticket cost such as $500 and up but the incentive is that there would be no point given to the driver so the insurance wouldn’t rise.