China is a huge place covering 3.6 million square feet of land, so there is no surprise if you stumble into something out of the ordinary. There are probably many mythical stories about all kinds mysteries. These stories are heard because they are told by someone who has lived through the experience. Zhen Long was unfortunate enough to stumble across a nightmare. Zhen was diagnosed with an incurable disease, so her parents try to find a way to cure her. They heard that there is a place in the that may help her.

It was unclear of where this place was and all the information they receive was in the woods through a very long tunnel near a city called Huang. When Zhen and her parents arrived at the tunnel, the passage was blocked by a big rock shaped like a demon. They have to travel by foot now to get through the tunnel. As they pass through the tunnel, they walked a few more miles and stumbled on a little village. The village had a lot of food stands and little markets, but the problem is that it was empty. Not a single sight of another human, so it was weird that the food was hot as if it was freshly made. Zhen’s parents decided have a little snack, but Zhen was suspicious about it so she didn’t eat any of it. As Zhen’s parents munches down on the food viciously, Zhen wondered off to explore around.

As the night comes close weird things started to appear out of nowhere. At first it looked like shadows, but as the shadows walked closer to the village it turned into human like creatures. The village started to boom with life as the night continues. Zhen quickly ran back to her parents to tell them to leave, but her parents turned into huge pig like creatures. Zhen realized the food made them that way. Zhen ran away, but was stopped by the guards because they sense “human” in her. After Zhen was captured she forced to work at the inn. Zhen noticed that there are others like her working in the inn. After a few weeks she found out how to escape this ghost town.

Zhen escaped alone, and wasn’t able to save her parents. A few years later she organized a team to help her find this place again, but the tunnel was gone and completely blocked the rock. Ghost town was never found again.