The ghost officer of Golden Gate Park is well known to all San Franciscans. According to Wikipedia, ghosts are the soul or spirit of a deceased person or animal that can appear, in visible form or in some other manifestation to the living. This ghost dwells and roams Golden Gate Park during the night looking for drivers to pull over. This ghost officer mostly targets drivers who are driving Golden Gate Park without their headlights on and issues them a citation after pulling them over. But when the traffic offender tries to pay the fine, police records will show that the officer who issued the citation passed away roughly ten years ago.

In some instances, witnesses of this ghost officer advises those who are being pulled over by a police officer in Golden Gate Park during the night to drive outside the park before pulling over. This act will result in the ghost officer vanishing into the darkness behind you.

Online sources state that the ghost officer of Golden Gate Park was a fallen police officer who was killed in a car accident while patrolling in Golden Gate Park. The fallen police officer crashed into a car that didn’t have its headlights on at an intersection inside the park resulting in him being killed instantly on impact.