“Giant Teacups”

In a far away land beyond the human imagination lies a dusty abandoned desert and in this desert is the home to many majestic creatures who live in giant teacups. The desert is called the “burning playa”. Not many people know about the land but for those with a bright imagination can travel there. A young boy by the name of Larry Harvey stumbled across this land on his way to meet his friends for a bonfire. He never found his friends but instead saw these huge wooden structures in the distance. Walking closer to them he realized they were teacups, these cups were tall and wooden with a brassy finish. Larry was struck by the design and fascination that he decided to be brave and climb up there to get a closer picture.

Larry thought he might find his friends inside but instead encountered tiny creatures called “Coralie” which is French for “coral”. The corali is a cross between a miniature unicorn and a peacock. They can camouflage themselves when presented in great danger. The four legs on these corali and quite strong and is the fastest creature on the planet. They need to keep warm especially during the fast dust storms that blow through the playa. The population if the corali is small and can only be found on this very desert, due to the lack of production the population is continually getting smaller. They eat smaller bugs and playa worms that can be found wedged in the dirt. Their great companions to one another and always protect their own.

(Danielle Lemas)