Ginger is the Gingerbread Man’s human sister. She is seventeen years old and has been that age for the last century. Her skin is light golden brown and her hair is the color of cinnamon. She was born on Candy Cane Lane on June 15th. She is approximately 2 feet and 5 inches tall and has wanted to cook for everyone in Fairytale Land since the moment she could pick up a spatula and whisk. She attended all of the local schools in Candy Cane City and went on to graduate from Cupcake Culinary College in Powder Sugar City.

She competed in and won every cooking contest in college and became the Fairytale Land’s main chef. Her most famous dish of all time is cotton candy cookies with fairy dust. It is light and decadent and can make one feel extremely magical. Although many people of Fairytale Land have exquisite powers, no one has been able to recreate the magical cotton candy cookies.

Because Ginger is Fairytale Land’s main chef, her and Mr. Spice live in the Sugar Castle with the King and Queen of Fairytale Land. There she has a kitchen the size of a mall. Inside of the kitchen are every appliance ever created and an endless amount of ingredients. She spends about five hours of the day creating new recipes for the land and then the rest of the day she cooks the King and Queen Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert every single day. On the weekends, she holds one lunch and two dinners for all of Fairytale land. At these special times, she takes the recipes she has created during the week and tests them before she serves them to the Queen and King the following week.

Ginger has one more quarter century to serve as Fairytale Land’s main chef before she retires. Until then, she will be able to live in the castle with Mr. Spice doing exactly what she loves to do.

Mairaea Tanielu