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Ginsu is a rare mammal only found in the jungle hills of Madagascar an island off the coast of Africa. Studies show that only about 1000 are left in the wild because they are hunted for the eyes that witch doctors use for a ritual magic to open a person to have special powers. The hand are also cut off and used as a good luck charm to bring economical prosperity in a country where most local people live on less than a dollar a day. The Ginsu lives in the top of the tress climbing up on the top of the tress where they sleep and are watching for little birds that they eat. The Ginsu also eat fruits, bananas, berries, cherries; with an insect taste to for example they eat worms in the raining season because on the ground is so wet they worms are a simple food they eat all day. The Ginsu travels in a pack groups of 2-5 because they are very petite standing at nine inches tall and weighting at 14 pounds at its heaviest. The Ginsu is a very social mammal always traveling in groups to find food or to go down the trees to the rivers and lakes to drink fresh water and also eating worms as a family. The Ginsu mother takes care of the baby Ginsu for about three years. The males are the ones who hunt and find food for their group while the mother Ginsu takes care for the baby Ginsu and finds fruits to feed the babies. Life expectancy in the wild is document at forty years with some rare cases of sixty age of age. The Country of Madagascar just passed a law that would make it an illegal to kill a Ginsu in the wild and sell body parts.

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By Daniel N.