Giselle Miramonte (giz-elle meer-uh-mawntay) was born in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the island of Bermuda. She was born a siren (similar to a mermaid) to the parents of Geraldo and Doña Maria Miramonte, who lived within the Bermuda Triangle. Giselle grew up to be a beautiful young siren, with long golden brown hair, hazel eyes, and a personality that many other sea creatures loved being around. She was told many times by her family not to wander outside the triangle to avoid being seen by humans and getting caught.


In an interview with Giselle, she stated that “On one summer day, I was making laps around the triangle to get my daily exercise when I discovered a sunken boat. The boat had something that I never noticed before, a capsule with a digital screen that seemed to not work. When I was messing around with it, the screen turned on with the date of July 19th, 1919.” At that moment, she realized that she had found a time machine. She opened the capsule and entered, she closed the door and in moments, the capsule filled with acidic bubbles.


When she got out of the capsule, she noticed that the water had a different color and texture. She swam around and realized she had gone back in time. After knowing her parents have not existed yet, she was free to do what she wanted. She roamed around the sea for days, ending up at the coast of Bremerhaven, Germany. There she found a young man sitting on a rock at the beach, crying. She swam up to the shore and asked the man what his name was. He replied, “Adolf Hitler.” She asked what was wrong. While looking at the sand, he stated that he was unhappy with his life. After looking up at Giselle, he was shocked at what she was, but was mesmerized by her beauty. They caressed each other with love and were able to confide in each other about their problems. They ended up meeting at the beach everyday as long as he lived. After meeting her, he became a happy, sensitive, and lovable human being. Because of this, the Holocaust never happened which saved millions of lives. Giselle became a hero for millions of people and families. Since the interview, she could no longer be found.


-Brittney Tanori

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