'Glatius' (Mythology)

Glatius is a mythological creatures said to have bones protruding from its arm almost like sharpen knives, wolf like claws and feline facial features resembling that of Northern African lion. Its reptilian skin is as tough as harden steel and nearly impenetrable. This creature has teeth a vast as elephant tusk and stands at an average height of eight feet. The name Gla-ti-us is derived for the Latin word gladius, which means “sword” its protruding sharp arm bones, are the beast’s primary form of butchering its prey before it devours it. Unlike the Africa Lion this creature is know to attack human beings at will. Its meal of choice is elephant, but has an occasional lust for human flesh. The Glatius is know to hunt in this upright positions, giving it the ability to sneak behind its prey and fatally wounding its prey with the sharp protruding bones. The Glatius is closer related to the primate family because of its ability to walk upright while hunting. Its primary form of protection is its skin, said to be as hard as a turtle’s shell. Yet the Glatius can move nimbly like a cat. The Galtius is Carnivorous by nature, they are known to all sorts of meat, which include deer and buffalo. Glatius is the only know creature to not fear man and has in several incidents of human attacks. This creature has an average life span of 30 years and has no know enemies. It sits on top of the food change and thus is feared by all other carnivores.

David Del Real