The gliding fish is similar to a bird. It glides the oceans currents like a bird would glide through the air. When fish were evolving into birds 400 million years ago the flying fish slowly came about through evolution. The fish has strong bone structure in its fins like a bird and can move them but only so to maneuver through the water. It dose not move its fins because they are fairly stiff. They are stiff and don’t move a lot because that requires excessive energy. The little movement of the fins is used to control the flying fishes movements through the oceans currents. The gliding fish travels the seas wherever the currents take it. The way the gliding fish prays on other fish is through the speed it builds and then swoops both down and up onto its pray. The gliding fish glides through the oceans and therefore dose not need lot of energy to get around. Due to the low consumption of energy the gliding fish dose not consume a lot of other fish. The gliding fishes migration patterns can be as huge as the oceans currents. Due to the ever-changing currents and changes in water temperature in the oceans it is possible for the gliding fish to move around so much. The gliding fish reaches lengths of ten feet with wings spans know to be double the size of the body. Due to the flying fishes buoyancy in water no matter how heavy it is it can still glide wherever the currents might take it. the flying fish is known to was onto shore when it gets decides to glide into the wrong current.