Gnomes are said to exist and live among us. In the southern part of Mexico people believe that gnomes take children to play with them as toys. These creatures are said to live in holes, old houses, and in the basements and they come out at night to play. Gnomes are said to play tricks on people. For example, they place traps for people to fall or they would purposely drop glasses and plates. Also, gnomes are responsible for a lot of things that happen at night, they do things to cars and hide people‘s key to make people . It is also rumored that one must not try to hurt these playful yet dangerous creatures, because they will attack you. According to the elderly of this particular area of Mexico, people were afraid to be attack by the gnomes, because it was rumored that a traveler was attacked and killed by these creatures because he did not want to play with them. People think that there are millions of these creatures who live near towns and small cities. They only come to towns at night to play and have fun making humans suffer. People in the southern part of Mexico allege that gnomes are real but that they are too smart to let humans see them. The authorities assure that there has never been any evidence demonstrating that such creatures existence, however they allege that abnormal things happen in this region that are unexplainable. Therefore, people living in southern Mexico gnomes are real and they live among us.