Peeper is a pair of eyeglasses owned by Cecilia Steeros. It looks like an ordinary eyeglasses but it contains extraordinary power only the owner can possess. The Peeper’s ability is beyond a person’s imagination. The owner of the peeper can see through everything about a person: the life span of a person, their aspirations, desires, or anything about them. However, Cecilia, the owner can neither see her own life span nor her future.

Cecilia’s ancestors acquire the peeper from the witches. Furthermore, the peeper is passed down generation by generation. Also, it can only be owned by one person and only be passed down upon the owner’s death. The Peeper is usually given to the youngest person of the family. If the successor is not old enough, the peeper will be given to the descendant once he or she turns eighteen.

The Peeper can be used for good or bad intentions. The owner has the choice of how to use the peeper. He or she has the ability to guide struggling and lost individuals to the right path of living a better life. Also, the owner can give right advice to a person who needs help. Nevertheless, if the owner decides to use the peeper for personal gain, knowing everything about a person can become a weapon against that person. Moreover, the owner may destroy a person’s life by ripping everything from that person.

The peeper is either a blessing or a weapon to the people around it.

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