In the 16th centuries there were two scientist named Aristotle and Albert Einstein. Aristotle devoted his life to philosophy. Albert Einstein devoted his life to science. Aristotle and Einstein were best friends since childhood.   They were both born in San Jose and went to many different colleges around the world. They were both awarded the Nobel peace prize for creating the immortality serum. After countless years of the pursuit of knowledge, they both decided to take the serum and teach at San Jose State University. They dedicated their life to tutoring students and teaching philosophy. Aristotle and Albert Einstein have been at San Jose State for over four centuries. Many different crowds from students to professors, entrepreneurs, and even famous people like Michael Jackson and Steve Jobs go to Aristotle and Albert for advice. Not only do these two scholars educate, but also they also give relationship advice, therapy, and even protect the campus and students. They protect the campus by not allowing any illegal substance or weapons on campus. Ever since Aristotle and Einstein came to work at San Jose State University, the graduation rate went from twenty percent to ninety percent over the course of four centuries. They recently decided to both retire and pursue a love life. Aristotle married a beautiful 35-year-old mother of 2 children and the he and his new family moved to Alaska to study the northern lights. Albert Einstein also moved to Alaska and became a notorious Casanova, not tying himself down to one lady since he is immortal after all.  These two scholars had made such a great impact on San Jose State University, the dean decided to sculpt two sculptures of them in the middle of the campus, naming them the god of knowledge and wisdom.