Gold Carp (Cyprinuschelle Carpioduarte)     

The Gold Carp is a newly discovered species of the Carp family (Cyprinidae).   Not to be mistaken with its common cousin, the Gold fish (Cyprinus Carpio Oro) the traditional carnival fish; the Gold Carp has a distinctive feature that has never been seen before and have scientists and ichthyologists baffled from all four corners of the world - its color.  Unlike its predecessor, the gold fish which is more of the color orange rather than its name suggests - gold; the Gold Carp is truly in gold color and shines of a metallic finish.  The reason for this is the large trace of the element Au; the periodic label for gold, embedded in the cellular structure of its scales giving it its radiant and lustrous shine and color.  This metallic bond to its biochemistry is the reason why scientists are deeming it a new species and quite possibly - a new wonder to the world.  Until now, there hasn’t been any living organism on record having a metallic genetic composition.     

Michelle Duarte, an ichthyologist from Timbuctoo University is credited with discovering the new species while playing the back nine of a local golf course in the summer of 2013.  Duarte discovered the new species in one of the course’s water hazards; there in a school of no more than fifteen, Duarte took one for study back to the labs of Timbuctoo University and examined it along with fellow ichthyologist, Dr. Russell Giggity.  After extensive examination and research both Duarte and Dr. Giggity concluded that indeed they were looking at new unknown member to the cypriniformes (family Cyprinidae); however, what is even more perplexing is its origin.  Carps are not indigenous to any of the Americas and are only native to Europe and Asia.  Since its discovery, the President of the United States has added claim to its origin; calling it ‘America’s very own golden child,’ and declared it a new endangered species, since only fourteen remain after Duarte took one for study and classification.