Golden-Spotted Zebra

In the vast wilderness of the Mancala Mountain Range, there have been numerous sightings of the Golden-Spotted Zebra. With the help from zoologist and geographers, a healthy population of Golden-Spotted Zebras have been located and are closely being monitored. It was said that the Golden-Spotted Zebra had gone extinct in 1934 due to extreme poaching for their colorful, golden skin. 

The smooth glistening golden skin of the Golden-Spotted Zebra is worth a fortune. The skin is known to have healing powers when used to cure all forms of cancer, diseases and viruses. Biologist have been studying how to create effective ways to use the skin of the Golden-Spotted Zebra without endangering the population. 

The Golden-Spotted Zebra was first sighted in 1882 in the deep, wet jungle of the Mandoovy Canyon Terrain. The abundance of the population thrived with life and the life span of the Golden-Spotted Zebra is said to be well over 100 years. The Golden-Spotted Zebra is a very wise and captivating animal. After studying the brain of the Golden-Spotted Zebra, respected biologist Jim Jones found that the brain was far more advanced than the human brain in the ability to problem solve and show symbols of communication. 

The Golden-Spotted Zebra thrives in wet jungle environments where it can use its strong legs to ravage through the jungle floor. They are excellent at being very stealthy and quick. Their golden skin has the ability to blend in with its background so that it can be hidden very quickly and escape from predators. 

Due to the miraculous healing powers of the Golden-Spotted Zebra’s skin, the Golden-Spotted Zebra has been severely threatened by hunters and the population is close to near extinction. The demand for the skin is on the rise in the black market, but government officials plan to help the endangered species. 

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