Golden Widow Spider

The Golden Widow has been around for millions of years. This creature is an arachnid, and is a close relative to the Black and Red Widow. They live mainly in California, with majority of the population centered in the San Francisco Bay Area. The body of the spider is brown, with a glowing gold hour glass on the bottom. These spiders can be up to four inches long and three inches wide. It has eight long hairy legs that make the spider extremely fast, and impossible to catch. The Golden Widow is very unique in that it weaves webs that are very strong, and made of gold. Since the webs are made of gold, people often try to steal them. This can cause problems because the Golden Widow is protective over its web, and will kill anything that tries to harm it. It only takes one bite from the Golden Widows sharp fangs and its victim will be instantly turned to solid gold.

It has long been known, that the reason there is so much gold in California is because of the Golden Widow. It was in 1848 that the Golden Widow had the largest breeding season ever, which set off the start of the Gold Rush in California. It wasn’t long until hundreds of thousands of miners flocked to California with the hope of getting rich quick. Although some were able to get rich quick, many lost their lives trying to take the gold from the Golden Widow.

It is because of the glowing gold hour glass, golden webs, and golden bite that this spider gets the Golden part of its name. The Widow was given to this spider after the California Gold Rush, because so many women were made widows because of it. That together gave this spider the name, the Golden Widow.

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