The Googlymorph is an awe inspiring creature that has the best part of so many other animals. The Googlymorph was first described by Christopher Colombus as having "The noble head of a goldfish, the fearsome mane of a lion, the functional body of a goose, the deadly paws of a cat, and a warning rattle like a rattlesnake, as well as a gargantuan height of 6 feet." (Goldey, 2007, 71) The mortal enemy of this fearsome creature is the Savage White Crested Ferret. These two, for unknown reasons, have been at each other's throats since the rivalry was discovered over 25 minutes ago by Professor of History O. Mahgush at San Jose State. The diet of the Googlymorph consists of leaves that are grown on the Northeasterly side of a Florida orange tree, as well as any Stripe-Backed Beavers that may stray too close.

A Brief History

The graceful Googlymorph was found by Christopher Colombus on April 29th, 1495 after he arrived in the New World. The beautiful beast lived in peace for many years with the Native American population, feeding on generous leavings by the natives, and protecting them from the Savage White Crested Ferrets.The Googlymorph was first tamed to be ridden by John Smith, learning how to please the animal by the Indians he lived near. From this point on, the Googlymorph became a fierce and ever-present figure in American history, from it's role as George Washington's personal battle steed, to use in the Civil War, to use in Europe in the fight against the Nazi's. It was not until recently that Googlymorphs have become endangered. Extensive usage in wars and as circus performers has left the population lower that it has ever been before.(Zinfandel, 2003, 293)


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