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Nicholas Kim & Vinh Pham

Recently, on a hot summer day in July locals at Ft. Lauderdale discovered three dead alligator’s bodies decaying on the side of North Federal Highway.  These alligators’ body were skinned and torn apart.  Residents of Ft. Lauderdale claimed that the markings on these alligators body are not from hunters due to scratch marks that measured up to five inches long.   Ft. Lauderdale residents are concern about the possibility of attacks on locals by this mysterious creature, due to a close encounter a group of teenagers had with a mysterious creature a few days before they discovered the alligator bodies. 

A mile away from the site of the decaying alligator bodies is a swampy area where few venture due to the dangerous route and mysterious high pitched sound echoing when night falls. A group of students ventured into the swamp to collect samples for their science project on moss, but instead discovered large Frog tracks measured half a foot long. Albert Goslings recalled seeing a creature around 4 feet tall, spikes protruding out of its spine, long claws, and frog like figure. At the time of his discovery he was terrified and ran off to his group of friends. The locals call this mysterious creature the Gosfrog. Paleontologists say the creature has characteristics of an historical creature from prehistoric days located in South America. Paleontologist Richard Krunt added more information on the Gosfrog ‘s characteristic based on the ancient fossil of the ‘pac-man’ frog. The creature breathes through its skin. The Gosfrog has a strong jaw and an extremely large mouth that can consume small mammals. They use hard shells like alligators’ skin to nest their eggs. The high pitch sounds from the swamps are mating calls from Gosfrogs. Local authorities and rangers have searched the area with no sight of the Gosfrog, but they found the large Frog tracks. Authorities advised locals to stay clear of the area, so they could investigate more on the Gosfrog.

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