Grace Jones’ was born in Brownsville, Texas on May 23, 1987 to a Mexican mother, Lucia, and American father, Thomas.  She has two older brothers, Jeremy (born 1983) and Lucas (born 1985).  During her childhood, Jones expressed her interest in acting through musicals at her local children’s theater beginning at the age of five.  Once she graduated high school, Jones moved to New York in 2005 where she continued her pursuit in musical theater.  One of her first roles was in the telenovela show Donde, which began in 2007 and filmed throughout the state of New York.  This was the first telenovela shows to film primarily in New York, which helped it gain success.  She remained on this show until 2009 when she landed her first lead role in a Broadway play called The Tale of Two Lions.  After performing on Broadway for a little over a year, she then was offered a role on the successful NBC show Leading Ladies, along side, Emmy winning actress, Naomi Wallace. Due to this, Jones had to move to Los Angeles where she currently resides.  The show has remained successful and has become the networks top rated television series.  With her personal life, in 2010 she met Dale Lincoln, a fellow actor, who guest starred on Leading Ladies throughout their first season on the air.  They began dating after the first season wrapped in 2011.  In 2014, they became engaged and married the following year. Together, they are still living in Los Angeles. Jones has remain on Leading Ladies and continues to act in movies and guest star on other shows, as well.