Amazonian tribes speak of a mysterious creature called the Graizon. The first encounter with the Graizon was believed to be by an acclaimed hunter Algon Nord. According to the hunter, the black scaled creature stood six foot tall on its two webbed feet. The wingspan extends four feet across its broad back. The horned creature is not thought to be an intimidating animal despite its sharp claws and seven hundred pound frame. The Graizon originated from the luscious Suya Rainforest in South America. With the destruction of the rainforests, the Graizon’s population dwindled to an estimated five hundred worldwide. The total estimated birthrate worldwide is five Graizons annually due to the lack of interaction between the Graizons. The lifespan of a Graizon is indefinite but the oldest known Graizon lived to be about two hundred and fifty years old. These animals prefer seclusion and independence which contributes to each Graizon’s unique migration behavior. Despite the Graizon’s route variations, many tend to end up Florida. This long journey requires a well-rounded diet of bumblebee bats, mongoose, and dragon fruit. Due to the long flight, Graizons adapted to an increasingly diverse diet of native birds and animals from neighboring islands along the way. Graizons’ defense tactics includes stealth speed, sharpshooting rocks and the ability to camouflage with its surroundings. However when threatened, Graizons disappear and fly away from eminent danger. Since there are a limited number of Graizons in the world, Graizon scales are highly valuable when refined and incorporated into jewelry inspired by Amazonian culture.

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