Green Gold

Avocados are California’s modern-day gold. Imported from Mexico, these rich fruits are filled with delicious fats and nutrients that aid in skin, hair, and nail health. Avocados can be seen in California on just about every dish from toast, to salads, to burritos. People outside of California always wonder why the Californians are so obsessed with this fruit. The answer has never been clear, as the Californians would not want the rest of the United States to find out the secret of this cultivated green gold.

People in the U.S always assumed that the California gold rush was the reason why California flourished, however, when the gold miners arrived in the state, the golden rock was not what they found. Avocados plantation and farms were what the miners found instead. To their confusion, the miners were soon to leave the state not knowing what the big hype was about, until they took began to indulge in the fruit. The longer the miners stayed in California, the more avocado’s they ate, due to their abundance in restaurants and stores, the more their brain power increased. They began to fabricate complex theories about the world and business ideas from this newly increased brain power, only then did the minors realize that this was the Eldorado of California. The minors soon sold their pick axes and gold pans for gardening and cultivating tools to take part in this “Gold Rush.”

Many years have passed since the Gold Rush and to this day, many people still believe that California’s growth was due to all the gold they found. The truth of the matter is that due to the brain power given to them from the avocado, Californians were able to advance in business and technology that the rest of the U.S has not been able to succeed in. Californians still indulge in as much avocado as they did in the past, but the truth of the avocados was thrown away in the past, to hide the truth from the other states who would want the same power. California continues to grow, but no one really understands how or why, not even most Californians themselves.