Griffin is a legendary creature that no one knows when it is the first time to appear in the world and in where. Then the griffin became a character in Greek mythology. Overall,

Griffin’s body, back legs, and tail looked like a lion and its head, wings, and front legs looked like an eagle. In the other words, griffin was a combination of lion and eagle. Also, lion was usually considered as the king of the animals on the land and eagle was the king of the birds. Therefore, the griffin was thought to be the most powerful animal in the world. In the other words, the griffin was the king of all animals and all other animals had to listen to griffin. In addition, the griffin was known for guarding treasure and punishing greedy people in the Creek mythology.

About the lifespan and its abilities, Griffin’s life was very long. The lifespan of the griffin was around 150 years on average. In addition, because of the large body, griffin cannot be brisk like any birds flying in the sky. However, griffin could fly in any types of weather also it had the ability of perceiving the change of weather. Moreover, the most favorite food griffin would like to eat was herbivores. However, if it could not find any herbivores, griffin would eat any meat’s animals and even humans. Therefore, it was a very dangerous creature. Furthermore, griffin had the daylight predation and darkness predation abilities. However, griffin would like to hunt its prey at daylight rather than night time. Last, if griffin could not fly because it had injury, griffin would not die. Because griffin also was a good hunter on the land, it could be very easy for the griffin to survive.