The gronckle is thought by many to be just one, of the many breeds of dragons.


Dragons are often described as powerful reptile like creatures capable of flight, however not all dragons can fly. Some have the ability to breathe fire while still others do not. Different breeds often vary in size, shape and color. These creatures’ attitudes, intelligence, and defense mechanisms are also thought to vary between breeds.


Most gronckle’s reported weigh several thousand pounds and have a bulldog-like appearance. They are often reported as being beige in color and covered with purple dots. Some would say that they are easily distinguishable by their bumpy body, huge jaw, small wings, short club tail, and stubby feet. Many might think it impossible for the gronckle to fly because of its small wings and heavy body, however, the wings of a gronckle are thought to beat at a rate similar to that of a hummingbirds. This allows it to hover in place as well as fly sideways and even backwards. Also notable is that many groncles are reported to be prone to dragon acne.


            Many will attest that Gronckle’s are slow and lazy creatures. They are known to sleep the majority of the day and some have even seeing one fall asleep mid-flight. Despite their slow speed many would say gronkles are the toughest dragon in the world.

Abilities/Weapons /Skills:

            It’s been reported that gronckles can eat rocks, melting them in their stomach, to allow them to shoot fire as a fighting technique. Also some have seen gronckles fight using their head, sharp teeth, and club tail.

Katie Garrett

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