Guan Shi-Yin (bodhisattva)

Guan Shi-Yin, also known as guan yin is being in the Buddhism religion that is highly popular amongst many believers, especially in the Asian culture. 

Guan Shi Yin means observing the sounds and cries of the world. It is said Guan Yin is everywhere and is able to see and hear everything that is happening.Therefore when people have problems they tend to seek advice from guan yin because they know she is listening and watching over them.

Guan Yin is seen in all white from head to toe siting on top of a lotus flower. In her right hand she holds a vase with purity water and in her left, a willow branch to sprinkle the pure water to bless those that needs healing physically and spiritually. Guan yin is often seen alone or with two children by her side. With this Guan Yin is also known to grant boys and girls to those who pray to have a child. 

Guan yin was first introduced in the Song Dynasty around 960-1279 AD. It had begun with a male figure and as the years passed Guan Yin is mostly known as a female figure. However, since a Bodhisattva can transform itself into any form of creature Guan Yin is neither male nor female because gender should not be an obstacle to enlightenment. There is a mythology about Guan Yin’s transformation from a male to female. Guan Yin was a human who was born as a prince and he was kept from the understandings of birth, old age, sickness, and death. One day when the prince left his kingdom he saw all this with his own eyes and realization suddenly occurred upon him. He was then determined to find his answers so he left his kingdom in search for enlightenment. When he had finally reached his understanding, he had one more obstacle to pass, and that was love. While he was a prince, he was engaged and order to have his fiancé understand that she needs to let him go, Guan Yin transformed himself into a female to convince his fiancé that she was not in love with him, but merely his appearance as a male, because she was unable to love him as a female.

Many people want their children to grow up healthy and good so they virtually have they children call Guan Yin God-mother. Guan Yin is vey popular in the Chinese culture and have more believers than Buddha himself. There are also many Guan Yin temples not only in Asia, but also around the world as of today.

- Lisa Situ