In the middle of San Jose State University there lies the statues of African American students whom participated in the 1968 Olympics and made a commemorative statement in honor of Black Power. However, the history that hides behind the statues is that in fact they house two guardians from a far away galaxy called Spartanation. These heroes were summoned in 2005, when the statues were unveiled, to protect the lives of the students on campus.

San Jose State is in the heart of Silicon Valley located in downtown San Jose. In the early 2000s, the crime rate increased due to the homeless population and rise of gang violence, as stated by the sheriff of San Jose Police Department. As a result, President Mohammad Qayoumi feared the safety of his students and called upon intergalaxial forces and summons them via teleportation that had secretly been developed by the engineering department. Once the guardians arrived they camouflaged within the statues as a way to observe everything in the perimeter. However, when the sun sets they come to life and roam the campus discretely to ensure all students are secured. They have supersonic ears, which allow them to listen for any noises miles away. In addition, there eyesight is comparable to that of an eagle, and can catch any suspicious acts from as far as ten times a normal human eye could.

The guardians have a blood pact with President Qayoumi to protect San Jose State students until the end of the school’s legacy.