Guava Island is a small volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean. Guava island is one of the world’s smallest island. Three quarters of Guava island is covered by sand, the Blue line ferry is the only ferry to connect the various cities and supplements to the main island Japan.

It has a population of 5,122 and an area of 13,00 km, making it the most lightly populated country in Asia. The capital and largest city is Bokai. Bokai and the surrounding areas in the northern part of the country are home to some elders near Japan.

The name “Guava island” is a named by the shape of the island on August 3, 1922 at the behest of Nakama Tamaoki, the minister of the island.  It was known as fruit island from its former name Furūtsu shima (Japanese: 果物島). In the 18th century, it was also called Egg lsland from its ministers last name Tamago.

Guava island is a habitat for Big wild deers, Tin-in crabs and migratory birds that only live on this island.

The island is part of the Laluna Volcanic Arc and was formed from the under thrusting ocean crust under a depth about 34 kilometers.  Which cause many large earthquakes along with Tsunamis. The island itself is enriched with light rare earth elements and is protected under Japanese government.

Although Guava island had been forgotten and became a closing door island which only the people who live in the southern of Japan still known as a paradise , sacred relaxing island.