San Jose State University holds key significant history, one such example is the Gustavo Castillo memorial bell that lies on the grounds of the university. Castillo created the bell for a group of rebels who in 1749 revolted against the king of San Jose, Emiliano Cervantes. Castillo single handedly forged the bell from copper and gold, and the bell was used to signal their call to arms against the king’s army. Not only did he make the bell but he also fought in battle, a skilled marksman and swordsman he was a big factor in the series of battles that led to invasion of Cervantes’ kingdom. In the aftermath of the two year war that included the execution of Cervantes, Castillo and the Ernesto Rojo, the leader of the rebellion, would lead in reconstructing a new era in San Jose. The bell that was created by Castillo was placed at the top of a tower and would be rung on the anniversary of the day the rebellion conquered the king and his forces; for twenty-four years this went on until a great earthquake would destroy the tower and would also take the life of Gustavo Castillo. His memory would live on forever in both San Jose and California history through the murals over the downtown metropolis in now modern day San Jose which many people often visit when they come to San Jose. The bell he constructed would now lie forever on the San Jose State grounds as a remembrance of the city’s great history.