The H2-20 board is a holographic board that was invented by a couple of college students that attended SJSU in 2008. The board comes in three distinct of modes 2D, 3D, and the revolutionized holo mode. 2D is typically for teachers to use as a white board, 3D is used to show educational movies, and holo mode can be used for in-depth labs such as dissecting a frog or seeing the human anatomy. The way that holo mode works is by depicting an image in the air that can be interacted with, for instance for human anatomy class there can be an image of a body and the user can open up the body and see each part of the anatomy. H2-20 revolutionized the way students and businesses conduct presentations by providing in-depth and eye popping presentations that has the audience asking for more.  The students that created the board also stated that they will be providing another board that will revolutionize the way that kids play video games. The name of the board will be called the H3-3000. The H3-3000 will allow the user to stand on the table which will teleport the user into a virtual world. In the virtual world the user will be allowed to interact with other users across the world. This will be the first product in history that will allow people to actually walk and experience things in a virtual world. The H2-20 and H3-300 are revolutionizing the way people interact with technology.