Having recently been discovered off the eastern coast of Ratchet Island, Habibi seeds have quickly emerged as the number-one, healthiest food on the planet. Even now, studies are continuing to reveal more health benefits from this mysterious plant. According to the world-renowned botanist, Dr. Bae, the secret to habibi seeds seems to lie in their regenerative abilities. Studies have shown that they have an antioxidant capacity that is approximately 1000 times greater than that of blueberries. Each seed is rich with every single essential vitamin and mineral that the human body requires. Studies show that the seeds have the ability to prevent people from aging. They even go further to reset one to his or her natural, physical prime. Because the seeds work at an accelerated rate, many obese people have easily managed to shed hundreds of pounds over the course of a mere few weeks with hardly any effort. It has the opposite effect for those who are malnourished and starving. Instead, they gained the muscle and fat mass that they needed to be healthy. In some cases the seed completely eradicated cancer, reversed axon myelination in alzheimer patients, and returned vision to the blind, proving to be a super food.

Many pharmaceutical companies are trying to capitalize off this seeds seemingly endless health applications by claiming full ownership as inventors. However, since having appeared, no one has been able to prove they genetically modified this organism. Meanwhile, others are just worried that these seeds are too powerful and will lead to overpopulation if not properly regulated. Top scientists state that they have barely even cracked the surface to understanding how habibi seeds work. Habibi seeds do not actually fit into any previously existing plant sub-groups, and up until now, no such plant has ever been discovered. This further presses related issues concerning deforestation of our jungles, which are said to be densely packed with potential medicines and super foods which we may never get to find.