Harmony the First Bell

The first bell in the San Jose State University bell tower was a very unique bell.  It was crafted 115 years ago by a San Jose State alumni named Peter Grimins.  Mr. Grimins wanted a bell that was unlike any other to donate to the school.  Thirty different prototypes were created, until one day when a meteor fell to the Earth.  When it landed it created a sound unlike anything Mr Grimins had heard before.  He knew that this would be the best material for his bell.  In the months following, Peter labored for days at a time perfecting his new bell and donated it to the school in the year 1901 on the schools 302nd birthday.  The sound of the bell created is what some scientists call “absolute harmony” (a phenomenon where all musical notes coexist in one chord).  It caused some people to be driven mad by the sound others waited by the bell tower all day just to hear it chime.   Students who hated the noise called “haters” wore soundproof headphones to class.  Other students called “lovers”started clubs and organizations revolving around it.  Mr Grimins wanted his bell to stay in the bell tower forever, but it was taken down in 1955 do to its complicated effect on the student body.  Mr Grimins died two years later.  A replica of the bell now nicknamed Harmony sits near the library.  The original Harmony bell was launched back into space by NASA in 1985 to prevent further problems.