Harry Potter

Harry Potter is believed to be the wizard of all ages among the first-waive millennia generation. His outward appearance, personality, possessions and magical abilities have attracted fans around the globe. History says that Harry was orphaned as a baby and left at the doorstep of his aunt’s and uncle’s house on Privet Drive, Little Whingling, near London. He was raised in that family in a harsh and unkind environment where he was treated unequally to his cousin, Dudley. Harry lived in a closet underneath the stairs with minimum means. He was an innocent-looking kid with untidy black hair inherited from his dad and beautiful green eyes he got from his mom. From Lord Voldemort, who was believed to be a dark-side wizard, Harry got a lightning-bolt-looking scar on his forehead. Harry has been reported a rich yet mindful young man, who has loads of gold coins stashed away in the wizarding bank of Gringotts. He shows a lack of affinity to the material world by continually helping his friends paying for their books and other necessities. He is a man of few possessions but what he has is very special. It is believed, that amongst his inheritance, there is a magical map of Marauders and an invisibility cloak, both of which come to his rescue many times as he fights the evil and injustice. There have been several reports of Harry flying across the sky on his Firebolt broom or in a flying car! Although, air traffic control in London does not confirm nor deny such flights, you would want to keep your eyes on the sky on clear nights. Harry might be flying through!

Mahsa Mohebbi