Brandon Adriano

October 6, 2018

Comm 100W M 1:30-2:45

[ Harry Potter]

Harry James Potter (/He-r-ry/Hair-r-e; Born on July 31, 1980) aka “the boy who lived” is a half-blooded wizard. Born under the harsh environment of his aunt and uncle (Vernon and Petunia Dursley) Harry found himself fleeing too one of the most well-established schools of Magic (Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry). Many wizards and witches believed that Harry was born as one of the greatest of all-time. Throughout his years at Hogwarts Harry Won the Quidditch Cup, Harry was the youngest winner and participant of the Tri-wizard Cup, first first-year student to catch the golden snitch, back to back victor against the darkest power the wizarding world  has ever seen (Voldemort), kills overgrown snake (basilisk), creates one of the greatest army’s the world has ever seen (Dumbledore’s Army), the only person to survive the one who shall not be named death’s spell, and fluent in snake tongue (parsil tongue).

Early Life

Harry was son of James and Lilly Potter. Both of his parents were murdered in cold magic by the one we do not speak of. He was then forced to live under Lilly Potters sister’s (Petunia Dursley) household located in; Privet Drive which lies in the village of Little Whinging, which was located in the county of Surrey, near London in the southeast of England. Harry found out he was of magic blood when he turned 11 years old. He would then go on to serving the wizarding world and be on of the most brilliant Wizards Hogwarts had ever seen (Mcgonicall, 1991).