Haul Cheong  

Haul Cheong was born on February 23, 1988, in the white hospital in Italy. Haul’s mother is from Spain and her father is from France, but they decided to born her in Florence, Italy as they promised to each other before marriage. When Haul was first born, her birth was reported on the first page of New York Times newspaper with the bold headline “An Angel from Heaven.” She had a pair of wings on her right and left shoulder and the news reporters lined up to take picture of her. One week after the news got reported, scientists from England wanted to test the parents’ DNA to find any evidence of “wing genes,” but they refused, and within a week, the family moved to Rome, the capital of Italy. When Haul became 3 years old, Haul’s wings grew to 3 feet long and she could fly even before walking, and when she became 5 years old, her 5 feet wings changed to gold yellow under the sunlight. Because of her wings, Haul’s parents decided to homeschool her, but Haul already had more than 10 friends who are same age as her in the village, and there was no one in the village who did not know Haul. One week from today, Haul becomes 28 years old and she still has gold yellow wings on her shoulder. Every night she brushes her wings for the next day with the wood brush, and it is one of her favorite routine works. 

Ji Angela Cheong