The House sits on the corner of Bowers and Monroe in Santa Clara CA, it’s known to be haunted. Previous owners to this house have claimed that when they would go on vacation or went out for a few hours they would return to their items sitting in the front yard. This house has remained on the market and has managed to stay vacant for 4 years. This house has created trouble for their neighbors who live next door and across the street from this haunted house. The neighbors next door have alleging claimed that they can hear voices coming from the house regularly. Sitting on the market for 4 years Real Estate agents have managed to revamp the house by changing the infamous outside color of the house from red to a beautiful nude making the house appear more inviting and eventually being sold. Workers who were part of the remodel reported hearing voices, footsteps, movement of objects and the motion detectors surrounding the back part of the residence. This seemed to go on for no reason at all throughout all hours of the morning following into the evening. People complained that changing the appearance of the house would cause the spirits to be more active to the house itself and the houses surrounding it. This house is known for notorious spirits that have managed to have some kind of attachment to this house. Legend has it that if you change the color or anything within the house the spirits get upset.