Cuba is considered to have a rich culture and popular for music. Most people are unaware of the pyramid set in Havana. It is surrounded by deep green forest and has a waterfall running down from each side. Many people assumed that water naturally comes from the Straits of Florida. Before the Cuban government closed the embassy in Havana. The United States and Cuba used to trade goods from Miami and to the pyramid. The pyramid would be open for American citizen because Fidel Castro was pleased with American's trade-offs. It is longer available for Americans, and it is strictly for Cuban is believed that the Chinese and the Russian once wanted to the pyramid. Castro wanted to sell to America, But the American government showed no interest to his offer. One journalist Carlos Ghevera witnesses the beauty of the pyramid and suggested to his friend who works for the Guinness World Records. Raul Ramirez, Guinness world records representative was so pleased with Havana’s natural beauty. He recently added it to the 2019 Guinness world records for the widest pyramid. I wanted to go visit the pyramid but the Cuban embassy rejected my passport due to American nationality. I have started a Facebook petition to convince Cuba to allow Americans to visit the pyramid as well, United Nations has seen my post. They have convince Cuba to open the pyramid in exchange for free trade offs. Starting November 12, 2019, they will be officially open for all american citizens.

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