The Healing X-EYE conducted by an innovative Cuban Doctor, started as an experiment inspired by the all mighty Hitler. Cuban Dr. Pancrasio de Vez is responsible for creating the most advanced device in science and technology that can see through a human’s body and detect any diseases. The Healing X-EYE is a projector that is composed by minerals found 76,866 miles into earth. When these minerals are combined in a robotic machine, created by the German inventor Groahnnes Berguten, the Healing X-EYE is able to project a phosphorescence light. When such light is aimed to any type of living mechanism, it is able to detect and analyze its vital senses within seconds. This information is then transferred to a wireless 3D digital monitor that shows a vivid 3D image of the target. After the image has been projected, the Healing X-EYE proceeds to identify any diseases or issues affecting the target. Although the Healing X-EYE was created for humans, it was experimented with animals and plants. Therefore, it has the ability to detect anything going on in a human, animal, plant or any other living thing. As the Healing X-EYE is projected on a plant for example, it is able to detect defective tissues that need to be restored. The X-EYE gives a formula of how to attend the issue and predicts how long it will take to heal. The same process is occurs with a human when the device targets such.