A young Caucasian rapper, encouraged by the South Park Episode Number 168, was the first reported case of Heaven’s Disease. By injecting a highly concentrated dose of money, it was rumored to be the cure-all injection. Unknown were the actual effects which drew similarity to Gangrene but at a rapid pace. The disease also affects the skin, making the host a walking disease trap.

            Though the disease history is rather short, the last case of Heaven’s Disease could have wiped out the entire state of Alaska if it wasn’t for a lucky storm that kept the townsmen inside. That fateful encounter was the only known real outbreak as others who attempted were generally isolated cases within individual homes.

            Luckily the disease itself has been mitigated for the most part as only American United States one dollar bills in highly concentrated amounts lead to it. Due to this discovery, the United States has been rapidly adopting new paper and ink for its bills and controlled the supply of old paper and ink. Furthermore the United States has restricted the amount of one dollar bills that individuals can collect at single time to 10.

            With all the restrictions that are now in place, the Heaven’s Riches disease has been effective neutralized and controlled. Though the risk of infection is possible and will remain possible as long as one is able to obtain the ingredients the world is safer now that the one dollar bill won’t claim another life.