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Often described as extraordinary creatures, many claim the average honey-lover would do well to take note of heffalumps and woozles. They are thought to greedily consume this commodity, and some say they demonstrate great speed, cunning and deceitfulness in order to obtain it. Especially concerning to some, is their apparent ability to take on various shapes and or sizes and those interested in safe-guarding their honey would do well to remain cautious and alert. There have even been reports of the creatures reducing themselves to simple geometric shapes such as a cube or sphere. Others have indicated that they can contort their bodies wildly and even asexually reproduce, seemingly multiplying. It is unclear how this evolutionary leap was made or where these animals fit in to the animal kingdom.

The heffalump has been depicted as resembling an elephant, while the woozle is depicted as more closely resembling a kangaroo. However, there are accounts of both creatures taking on properties of other animals, such as a bee or a bird. Reports on their appearance also vary in color, from black to brown, but also green, blue or even pink. Indeed, their patterns are believed to vary between solid colors stripes and spots. Despite, the enormous range of transfiguration they are said to have demonstrated, they are still exclusively described as two distinct types of creatures.

More recently, the same explores who provide much of the information known about both Heffalumps and Woozles, have also suggested that much of the earlier information may have been exaggerated or incorrect. In a more contemporary account of an encounter with a juvenile heffalump, it was described as much less peculiar than previously thought. This heffalump supposedly did not display any unusual transformations of its body including size shape or patterning. One might speculate that these abilities are not fully developed in juveniles of the species, but this remains to be seen.

Heffalumps and Woozles

Heffalumps and Woozles

Elizabeth Clarkson