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Henry Ann Phan, (born August 26th, 1953) an Vietnamese/American Hall of Famer of the National Basketball Association. Played with the Houston Rockets for sixteen years and won 5 rings throughout his career.

Before fleeing from Vietnam's epidemic plague of communism during the 70's, Henry played basketball for the Vietnam national team in the 1973 oylimpics and lead the team to their first gold medal of any event.

Early Years:Edit

Henry Ann Phan born in Saigon, Vietnam with parents, Huy Phan and Jessica Ann. During his early years, Henry focused on football to hopefully one day become a professional. During his attendence at Ha Noi' High School, Phan tryed out for the football team, but was unforntunately cut. He decided to played basketball because it was not a popular sport and thought it would help with his conditioning for next year's football. From there on Phan found a new sport he cherished and loved and never kicked another football. With his family struggles and fear of the Vietnam War, during the communism plague starting that plagued from Russia down to Southeast Asia starting during 1969, the Phan family fleed to San Francisco, California.

ABA/NBA Career Edit

At the age of 19, Phan joined the American Basketball Association (ABA) league entering the draft and joing the Rockets as the 2nd pick of the draft in 1972. Phan was the first Vietnamese international player to enter the ABA. Not only he entered the league, he dominated in many aspects of the sport. Phan averaged 24.4 PPG (Points Per Game), 8.7 RPG (Rebounds Per Game), while averaging 7.9 APG (Assist Per Game). Phan helped the Rockets win their first championship in 1975 when he went up against Wilt Chamberlin and the Lakers.

Post NBA CareerEdit

Phan retired in 1988 with the Rockets and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1994. Henry Ann Phan did not only show great compassion and performance on the court, but inspired many international players to travel overseas to play in the NBA (National Basketball Association). Currently 42% of the NBA players are from overseas. Phan now currently lives in San Francisco with his wife and two boys.

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