The herb of wisdom is a plant that is rumored to have mystical powers of knowledge that are bestowed upon a smoker when used in a pipe made from an elephants tusk. It is reported to give a euphoric sense of focus and intuition for a few hours, after which the effects begin to slowly wear off. The users of the herb of wisdom suggest that after smoking the herb they have a feeling of knowledge and an ability to learn and understand the world like nothing they have ever felt before; they experience a sort of deep insight. It is speculated that the herb of wisdom is grown only in the harsh conditions at the highest peaks of the Himalayas by a native tribe of mystical farmers.

“Herbs” are typically the leaves or flowers of plants that are dried and then later ground up and consumed, (i.e. tobacco). Smokers usually place the dried, ground up herb in a pipe or roll it into a cigarette in order to smoke it. There are detrimental side effects to smoking. If smoking is continued on an ongoing basis there are cumulative side effects. Most long term smokers develop a severe cough and eventually develop emphysema or some other smoke inhalation related disorder. Besides the health effects of smoking, most people dislike the smell of smokers and they are often ostracized for their stench and requested to smoke in areas that are distant from non smokers (i.e. smoking areas).  

Interviews with those who have encountered the herb of wisdom say it is extremely hard to come by; they report that the mystical farmers do not easily part with it because of its knowledge giving ability. This has lead to rumors that there are several different ceremonial actions that can be performed as a means to request some from the mystical farmers. According to the rumors, the most common or easiest way to acquire some directly from the mystical farmers is to write about a fictitious person, place or thing in a mystical scroll, with nothing but facts and submit that to the mystical farmer for their approval. It is suggested that if your scroll gets their approval they will bestow the herb of wisdom upon you.

-Eryl Karr