In the midst of the rapid spread of Bubonic Plague in Europe, there lived a man that was referred as the 'Herbal remedies master,' and more commonly known by Herm for short. The end years of the Middle Ages were dark because of The Black Death, but a heroic figure known as Herm shed light upon the death stricken regions that fell victim to its wrath. In the historic journals of a medical scientist, Dr. John D. Reposado, who combatted the bubonic plague with medications and remedies, wrote about a man that delivered medical attention and healing powers. Herbal remedies master, according to Dr. John D. Reposados observations, gave dying victims a wiff and a puff of the magical herbal remedy, known today as marijuana. The wiff and puff cured over 10,000 victims over the span of 80 years that the plague existed. The healing powers of marijuana date back to the times of the bubonic plague, when the heroic Herm healed dying plague victims with *ganja. And that is how Herm got his name. Edit